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Fishing at Sunset





Catch huge Northern in Canada

The waters of Sabourin lure anglers from far and wide. The Bloodvein River and the lakes it serves - Sabourin, Simeon, Barclay, Mary's and Musclow - provide unrivaled angling opportunities. We are not simply "A" lake, we are on an entire lake system. Every day can be a new experience in a different part of the system.

Sabourin Lake Lodge lures anglers from far and wide for the ultimate Grand Slam of freshwater fishing: Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye, and Small Mouth Bass. This combination of world-class fish is found together in only a handful of Ontario’s 10,000 lakes.​

Our experienced guides will take you to all the right spots and prepare a shore lunch from your morning’s catch, that we guarantee you will always remember. After lunch, you will hopefully find that trophy fish that will earn you a “Catch and Release” pin and accolades from your fellow guests at dinner. We have 250 miles of unspoiled shoreline for you to explore, and our isolation ensures fantastic fishing at all times.

Our Lund 1625 fishing boats with flat bottoms and a raised casting deck. We have custom-built cushioned, rotating seats to ensure your comfort. Each boat is equipped with comfortable, easy ride seats.

Our  30 and 40 HP 4-stroke Yamaha motors ensure you can get to the far reaches of the lakes in our system in short order, giving you more time for the important business of fishing.

Complimentary St. Croix Rods are available at the lodge for your use (both Bait and Spin casting available). Bring your favorite reels and tackle for catching walleye, Northern pike, lake trout, small mouth bass, and perch (best to bring in plastic, flat, Plano-type boxes. We have a selection of tackle available for purchase in our Bait Shop, as well as minnows to use as bait.​

We've seen a growing interest in fly fishing and encourage you to bring your own rods, reels and flies if you prefer.

Our catch-and-release tradition began in 1976 when we introduced Sabourin’s “Trophy Pin” program. Every night during dinner, your hosts will announce the names of those anglers who, during that day’s fishing, caught and released a trophy sized northern pike, walleye, smallmouth bass, perch, or lake trout. This tradition, along with careful fish handling procedures, help ensure world class fishing for future generations. Just make sure to bring a good camera to document your trophies!

The Top Ten biggest catches for the season are tracked on the Trophy Board in the lodge. In addition, guests have the opportunity to be awarded with the coveted Triple Crown (for catching trophies of any three of the fish varieties in our lakes in a single season) or Grand Slam (for catching trophies of any four fish varieties). These guests are recognized on engraved plaques in the lodge.

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