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2017 Trophies

We were pleased to present 1808 trophy pins in the 2017 season! They were given for:

  • 1097 Northern Pike for fish 36” and over (There were 256 awarded for Pike 40” and over)

  • 240 pins for Walleye 24” and over. (There were 32 pins given for fish 27” and over).

  • 433 pins for Smallmouth bass 15” and over. (There were 111 Bass which were 17” and over)

  • 38 Perch caught and released that were 12” and over.

There were also 71 Triple Crown pins awarded. This is given to anglers who catch and release trophy sized fish of three different species. We will also be adding five more names to the Grand Slam Award: Wayne Pier, John Madgett, John Steuri, Bob Clanin, and Barb Hill.

These anglers caught and released trophy fish in 4 of the 5 species at Sabourin: Northern Pike, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Trout and Perch. Thanks again to all our guests for embracing the conservation practices that has made the fishing at Sabourin Lake Lodge second to none.


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